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Upcoming Seminar Locations and Dates

Thompson-Minardi Technique Seminars

Scotland- 2024

Module 1: Sept 28-29 - Sat: 9am-5pm, Sun: 8am-12pm
Module 2: Oct 26-27 - Sat: 9am-5pm, Sun: 8am-12pm
Module 3: Nov 23-24 - Sat: 9am-7pm (longer 10 hour day), Sun: Testing day 8am - Finish

Drop Tables will be provided. 



Dr. Dan Brown's Clinic in Perth Scotland

For More information on Cost and Registration, Contact Dr. Dan Brown


Registration is NOT through our website for this Seminar. Please contact Dr. Dan Brown


2024 Online Thompson-Minardi Technique Webinars on Zoom  

Please Note that the same material that is taught at the Live Seminars will also be taught in the Online Webinars, only the practice portion is removed. 

Module 1: TBA: Sat and Sun 8am-12pm
Module 2: TBA: Sat and Sun 8am-12pm
Module 3: TBA: Sat 8am-12pm, Optional testing Sunday

Cost for Online Webinar Series:
Chiropractor: Early Bird Pricing $800, Regular Price $1000 
Student: Early Bird Pricing $400, Regular Price $500 

Cost includes all 3 Modules and Individual Manuals for each seminar. Note that the textbook is not included in the Zoom Seminar Pricing. 

Early Bird Date: April 20, 2023

Please Put Technique Webinar in location section of registration form.

Thompson-Minardi Technique Seminars 

Location GTA

TBA Soon


Provides Ontario D.C.'s with 42 hours of CE credits

Module I - Jan 27-28 (2024) 
Module II - Feb 24-25 (2024)
Module III - Mar 23-24 (2024)

Drop Tables will be provided.

Early Bird Discount Cut-Off Date: November 15, 2023

***Note*** Please put Toronto in the Location section of the registration form.

Thompson-Minardi Technique Seminars - Milan, Italy 2024

When? Module 2:

Nov 16-17, 2024; Saturday: 10:00am – 18:00pm; Sunday: 09:00am – 13:00pm Drop Tables will be provided.  Where?  Centro Chiropratico,Galleria Anna Castelli Ferrieri, 20145 CityLife Shopping District, 20145, Milan, Italy   Tel. (0039) 02-8690127

Registration is NOT through our website for this seminar. Please go to the following link to register:

All Seminar Times are as follows: Saturdays 9am-6pm and Sundays 8am-2pm

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The Thompson-Minardi Technique Seminar Series has been taught for over 20 years.

Our material is presented over three weekends in a workshop format. A unique interactive workbook is utilized. The first weekend (Module I) covers the full spine analysis and adjustments used in the classic Thompson Technique, several modified adjustments and the addtional Neurology, Biomechanics and Research that has been incorporated by Dr. Minardi. This ensures that the doctor not only understands how to perform the classic protocol, but also understands the reasons why, based in science. These were added to advance the overall body of work, and to increase the scientific certainty of the practicing doctor.

Module II focuses on advanced problems and adjustments of the spine that should be utilized when the Module 1 protocols have been exhausted. The majority of these procedures were created by Dr. Minardi or the instructors that Dr. Minardi studied with. These procedures have been added to the original work with the intension of filling in any gaps that may have existed in the classic technique, and to advance the overall work. 

Module III focuses on Dr. Minardi's work and study in the fields of pregnancy, pediatrics and extremities. Emphasis is placed on differences in protocols and adjustments throughtout pregnancy and childhood. Extremity protocols and adjustments are covered with specific emphaisis on how they tie in with original spinal problems discussed in Module 1 and 2.  These fields were added to further advance and complete the overall body of work. There is an optional written and practical exam held on the Sunday of the Module III weekend.

The Seminar Series prides itself with intensive hands-on participation, ensuring the doctor will be able to confidently use the material in an office setting immediately. All students will be able to practice on Dr. Minardi's specially trademarked (Minardi Adjusting Dummies), adjusting models that students can practice their adjustments on over and over during the seminar. Nothing will increase a students ability to learn and practice an adjustment more. Those familiar with Classic Thompson will learn more than they ever thought possible. Those new to the technique will be taken from step one and accelerated at a comfortable pace to learn all material presented in Minardi Integrated Systems.

Module 1


Neurology 1

Leg Analysis

CS; Classic Side Table Adj.

CS; Modified Head of Table Adj.

C1; Classic Toggle Recoil Adj.

OCCS; Modified Prone Adj.

BCS; Classic Prone Adj.

BCS; Modified supine Adj.

BCS; Modified seated Adj

XD; and 2 subcategories

D-; Classic Supine 2 Part Adj.

D-; Classic Prone 2 Part Adj.

D+; Classic Upper boot Adj.

D+ Classic Lower boot Adj.

LS; Classic Seated Adj.

LS; Modified Split Leg Adj.

LS; Modified Prone Adj.

TS; Modified Knife Edge Adj.

TS: Classic Lateral Listhesis Adj.

Rotated sacrum; Classic Prone Adj.

PRI; Classic Prone Adj.

IN ilium; Classic Supine Adj.

Ex ilium; Classic Supine Adj.

Elevated rib cage; Classic Supine Adj.

Module 2

Neurology 2

Stucky Friction Lock

Stucky Stack

Anterior Cervical

Posterior Cervical; Prone Adj.

Posterior cervical; Seated Adj.

C1 Flexion Lock

C7-T1 Extension Lock

BCS; Modified Speeder Board Adj.

BCS; Modified Supine Lift Adj.

Unilateral Occiput; Toggle Set Adj.

Unilateral Occiput; Modified Stucky Adj.

Unilateral Occiput; Modified Seated Adj.

Posterior Occiput 

D-; Modified Stucky 1 Part Adj.

D-; Modified AI Sacral Push Adj.

AS Sacrum: Modified Bilateral Roll Adj.

LS; L5-S1 Distraction Adj.

Spondylolisthesis; Classic Adj.

Spondylolisthesis; Institutional Adj.

TS; Dorso-cervical Thumb Pull/Push

IN ilium-Modified Prone Adj.

EX ilium-Modified Prone Adj.

Posterior Sacral Apex Adj.

Rotated rib adj.

Anterior Coccyx

Hyperactive Psoas; Classic Supine

Module 3

Full Spine pediatric analysis and adjustments

(includes: case history, neurological testing,

cranium, CS, TS, LS, SI)

Full Spine Pregnancy Adjustment Modifications

Webster's In Utereo constrant technique

Anterior Humerus; Supine and Seated Adj.

Posterior Humerus

Superior Sternoclavicular

Superior Acromioclavicular

Medial Scapula

Hip Joint; External and Internal Adj.

Superior Lateral Patella

Internally Rotated Tibia

Anterior Fibula


Certification Testing Day 2 (Optional)



Chiropractor: Early Bird Cost:$1700.00 / Regular Cost: $1900.00 

Students: Early Bird Cost: $850.00 / Regular Cost $950.00

Note: Costs above include all three Modules, accompanying manuals, and a copy of Dr. Minardi' textbook, entitled "The Complete Thompson Textbook - Minardi Integrated Systems".
All Costs are subject to an additional Government Sales Tax (HST) charge of 13%. Testing Fee not included. 


Chiropractors Webinar: Early Bird $800 / Regular Cost $1000

Students Webinar: Early Bird $400 / Regular Cost $500

Note that Webinar Cost includes all 3 Modules Online and accompanying manuals. The textbook is not included in the online webinar pricing. Testing Fee is not included. Online Webinars on Zoom will cover all of the same material as the Live Seminars, however, the practice portion of the Live Seminars is obviously removed, which is why schedule times and pricing are different for the online Webinars.. 

**Registration is limited and is on a first come, first served basis. Only Chiropractors and Chiropractic Students are allowed to register for the seminar series. If you are a Chiropractor enrolled as a student in a different field, this does not qualify you for the student rate. Only students registered in a Chiropractic College/University qualify for the student rates.

REFUND POLICY: In the event that you cannot attend an entire seminar series or individual seminar that is prepaid, the fee for that seminar(s) may be applied to another seminar(s) within 12  months of the missed seminar(s), provided that proper notice is given to Dr. Minardi. If a Live Seminar is missed, then the fee is applied to a future Live Seminar. If an Online Webinar is missed, then the fee is applied to a future Online Webinar. There are no refunds once payments are processed, No transfers are allowed. 

NOTE: In the event that the flight, hotel or venue forces the seminar to be cancelled, due to fire, water damage, weather conditions, health conditions or any other reason outside the control of the Seminar Series, then the seminar date will be rescheduled as soon as possible to make up for the cancelled date. If the participant cannot attend the rescheduled date(s), the fee for that seminar(s) may be applied to another seminar(s) within 24 months. There are no refunds once payment is processed. No transfers are allowed.

PANDEMIC NOTE: In the event that another pandemic occurs and social isolation is mandated, the live seminar will be replaced with a live webinar. This will take place on the same scheduled date to ensure that the attendees have access to the seminar information. In this case, the attendees will also be able to attend the live seminar that was replaced, within 24 months, at no additional cost. No refunds or transfers are allowed. 

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