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The Complete Thompson Textbook - Minardi Integrated Systems

This comprehensive textbook thoroughly details the exact step by step protocol for the technique, and is jammed packed with pictures, diagrams, illustrations, case studies and flow charts to optimize learning. The cost of this textbook is $125.00, plus an additional $40.00 for shipping and handling.


6 Video Set on USB: The Complete Thompson Technique-Minardi Integrated Systems- Dr. Minardi Live from Toronto.

This Video set, all on USB, is a one of a kind must have for anyone interested in understanding this technique. This Video series is edited from a Live Recording of Dr. Minardi's unique teaching style, which encompasses all of the classic Thompson Technique, plus additional modifications and inclusions from Dr. Minardi.

Over sixty different adjustments are fully explained through biomechanics and neurology, and well as performed live on the videos.

The individual can choose to start at Disc 1 and play in its entirety to Disc 6. Or simply review a topic of desire as each Disc's topics are separated under their own headings.

Cost for the entire Series is $475 plus an additional $40 for shipping and handling


Neurology of the Subluxation Video Set - On USB

Dr. John brings a unique blend of passion, intensity, and excellent teaching skills in order to explain the subluxation's comprehensive effects that occur in the body.

In this five video set, Dr. Minardi explains: what causes a subluxation, the subluxation's effect on balance and coordination, the subluxation's effect on pain perception, and the subluxation's effect on the ANS. 

This 5 video set, on USB,  will increase your certainty and change how you think of the subluxation forever. Cost is $400 plus shipping and handling.


Consulting Services.

If you would like to hire Dr. Minardi for a private consultation for you and your team?  Please contact Dr. John at

Pricing may vary, so contact Dr. Minardi with all of the details.

Guest Lecturing/Speaking Engagements:

If you would like to have Dr. Minardi as a Guest Lecturer or Guest Speaker for a Club Meeting, Assocation Meeting, Society Meeting or the like, please contact Dr. Minardi at with all of the details.

Minardi Integrated System Manuals

Not available for purchase, each manual has been specifically designed to follow each module of the seminar series. Manuals are provided at each seminar and are included in the purchase price.

"This Seminar Series will be the most extensive Chiropractic course
that you will ever take"