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The Complete Thompson-Minardi Technique certification program is designed to optimize & standardize the method in which all table assisted technique is delivered around the world.

At the conclusion of Module III, for a fee of $200 USD, participants have the option of taking a practical and written examination - successful completion of which confers certification in Thompson-Minardi Technique. Note that this fee is not included in the seminar registration fee. There are no refunds once the certification fee has been paid. If the attendee wishes to opt out of a testing that has been paid for, the paid fee can be applied to the following year's testing for that individual. Note that transfers of the certification fee to another person is not allowed. 

Certified Complete Thompson-Minardi Seminar Series practitioners will be required to attend one Minardi Integrated Systems Seminar Series every 2 years to keep their certification current and to stay up to date with the latest advances in the techniques. These certified individuals will be able to re-take the seminar at a reduced "Refresher Fee"

By being certified, and validating your cerfication every two years, you have the assurance that you are performing the technique correctly, and maintaining the level of excellence needed to raise the standard of this work everywhere. You will also be designated as Thompson-Minardi Certified.

For those unable to personally attend a Seminar Series for Re-Certification, due to location or distance issues, Re-Certification can also be accomplished by completing our on-line re-certification test by clicking the link below. This will allow the doctor to complete an "At-Home" test, to which the individual must successfully pass to re-certify.

Online Re-Certification Test- Click

"This Seminar Series will be the most extensive Chiropractic course
that you will ever take"