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"Thank you for your outstanding course. I have been practicing Thompson technique for over 30 years and personally trained directly under Dr. J.Clay Thompson. Your precise instruction added a clarity to Thompson Technique that takes it to a higher level. I highly recommend anyone who is experienced or not in Thompson to take your course. Your style of teaching and the incorporation of the explanation in scientific terms of what is actually going on with the analysis and the application of the adjustments is simply outstanding. Thank you for your dedication and obvious long hard hours of work that you put into developing such a quality program. It will serve our sacred profession for years to come." Alan F. 

"Dr. Minardi is an amazing chiropractor, teacher and lecturer! I took his certification classes last fall and it was three of the most educational weekends I have ever had" Tracey S.

"The best seminar I've ever taken. Everything was taught perfectly. I would have paid much more. Darryl T. 

"Everything about this course was fantastic; the instruction, the notes and the power point illustrations were top notch". Jean-Francios S.

"This course was the best chiropractic education that I have ever been exposed to. I have never learned more practical, scientific and hands on chiropractic then at this seminar series" Lona C.

"Finally, a seminar that teaches exactly why Thompson works. Excellent instruction." Trevor H.

"Quite simply the best technique seminar I have ever attended." Rosalie L.

"I took a Thompson Technique class at school and have been to several Thompson Seminars in the past, but they were nothing like this. This seminar teaches all of the science behind why the technique works, fills in all of the holes that the technique had, and has so much hands- on practice, that I finally feel like I own this technique and much more." Jeffrey C.

"Thank you for being a true ambassador of chiropractic. You really know your science, philosophy and art of chiropractic, and your passion really shines through" Keven P.

"You served us very well. I learned like I have never learned before. The best thing is that I can incorporate this into my practice tomorrow" Paul R. 

"Extremely professional and well organized seminar.....well done" Tanya P.

"Thank you for such an inspirational seminar. Understanding the science behind each adjustment strengthens my certainty and confidence in my abilities" Janna C.

"What a great Seminar Series!! Dr. Minardi's enthusiasm is contagious! He offers a combination of passion and reason, which is very rare. Most teachers have one or the other, but not both combined. I can't wait to implement this technique in my practice." Evelyne B.

"This Seminar Series will be the most extensive Chiropractic course
that you will ever take"