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Welcome to the Complete Thompson Technique Seminar Series
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Welcome to the "Complete" Thompson Technique, Minardi Integrated Systems. 

Dr. John Minardi has revolutionized this classic technique by creating an intensive, scientific and practical three weekend certification course like no one else has ever done. We have added the word "Complete", because our goal is not to simply teach the classic Thompson Technique. In contrast, our goal is to expand all this work by creating Minardi Integrated Systems.

Over fifty years ago, the original Thompson Technique was first unveiled by Dr. J. Clay Thompson. This three part series will encompass all elements of the original technique and expand the teaching where Clay could not, due to the science limitations of his era. Since 1998, Dr. Minardi has researched and developed the biomechanical and neurological rationale of each analysis and adjustment taught, in order to understand  not only "how" to perform the technique, but to also understand "why" the analysis and adjustments are performed. Furthermore, this research also unravelled several gaps in information that the original technique did not cover. 

To remedy this, several new aspects have been incorporated by Dr. Minardi, filling in any gaps that may have existed in the classic technique. These include new protocols, new subluxation patterns and new adjustments to improve the overall body of work. This innovative Thompson-Minardi Technique Program explains each step in depth, using the latest research in the fields of biomechanics and neurology for greater understanding.

The Seminar Series prides itself with intensive hands-on participation, ensuring the doctor will be able to confidently use the material in an office setting immediately. Those familiar with classic Thompson will learn more than they ever thought possible. Those new to the technique will be taken from step one and accelerated at a comfortable pace to learn all the material presented in Minardi Integrated Systems.


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"This Seminar Series will be the most extensive Chiropractic course
that you will ever take"